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Welcome to Burch Orthodontic’s, Tallahassee’s leading orthodontic practice, delivering attentive care in a comfortable and professional environment. Many orthodontists in Tallahassee can make a straight smile, but we pride ourselves in being more that just ‘smile straighters’. When a parent is making health decisions for their child, many factors are considered. Is the doctor trained in the latest techniques and top in her field? Is the staff knowledgeable? Can I make appointments easily? At Burch Orthodontics, the answers to all those questions are easily answered yes! What is it that makes us different? We want to know you and your family. We know that if we are only caring about your teeth, we are missing out on our mission of creating relationships with each and every family.

We treat people of all ages. We enjoy treating our little guys & gals to help with a thumb sucking habit or with growth discrepancies all the way through our more ‘seasoned’ patients who have put off their smiles while raising a family. We hear patients need for straight teeth, but feel they are too old or that it is not important to have that beautiful smile they have always longed to have. When you meet someone, one of the first things they notice about you is your smile. We are here to help you get that smile you want with many options besides just traditional brackets and wires. Although, we still place traditional, time-proven appliances every day, we also offer Invisalign and lingual braces (iBraces). Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that straighten your teeth without noticeably bulky metal materials. The iBraces system is placed behind your teeth and is the only 100% customizable braces on the market today.

When you become a patient of our Tallahassee orthodontic practice you become part of our family. We look forward to establishing great relationships with all of our patients. Many of us are parents and we understand the busy schedules most families experience. We will be glad to customize a schedule to fit your needs. Contact our office today for a complimentary consultation to learn which type of braces will be the best for your smile. Our caring and professional staff is available to answer your orthodontic questions today. Call us now at (850) 877-1692.

(850) 877-1692
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